Scholarships deadlines are usually many months prior to the start of the course. So, you need to apply for a course of study at the university before you could try for the scholarships.

To start your search, follow the below steps:


Search the course database for the subject you are interested in and save your results.


When you have shortlisted a few courses in your shortlist, check the profiles of selected universities to get more details.


Visit the university websites of your choice and search for scholarships for international students.

Consider these points when you start your search:

  • All UK scholarships are not offered based on financial need – most of them will evaluate your ability in academics.
  • You can contact us on how to apply for scholarships, when you are applying for the course at the university or after you have applied.

Scholarship Deadlines

There are numerous scholarships available for students aiming to attend UK, US, Canada and Australia Universities, especially international students. However, many universities set a deadline for application quite early in the year as there would be hundreds of applicants and hence it is advisable to start early.

The UK universities are offering plenty of scholarships options for international students. An international student applying to above universities might be eligible for one of the following Scholarships scheme.

UK University Scholarships

EU Loans

Eligibility for loans for students from the government of UK can be complex and it is better to read all the requirements very carefully. Only students who have lived in the UK for the past 3 years prior to studying are eligible for loans.

However, that could change subject to the policy change for EU countries, be sure to look at all the requirements before submitting the loan application or check with our experts.

Information on International scholarships

Brunel University

Brunel has a range of scholarships packages and works in partnership with several scholarships organisations and bodies including Chevening, The Commonwealth Scholarships and Santander Mobility Awards, Rotary Scholarships and many more. They offer more than 100 scholarships every year to help international students. Some awards are worth up to £6000 a year to help partially fund university fees and living costs.

Coventry University

The university investing £1 million in scholarships to help their EU and international students reach their potential. This university offering attractive scholarships opportunities for talented students in January, May and September intake in different schemes which is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Birmingham City University

They offer a range of scholarships opportunities for self-funding international undergraduates and postgraduates which will be subject to eligibility in every year. They offer up to £2000 scholarships based on the academic background in September intake. Not only this but also they are offering a discount of £300 for all international student who will pay their fees in full amount before enrolment.

London South Bank University

LSBU values the academic and cultural diversity that international students bring to the University and is offering scholarships of £1,570 to self-funded overseas fee-paying nationals undertaking undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD studies. The University also offers International Merit Scholarships offers students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes with outstanding academic profiles a fee reduction of up to £4,000 on the first year’s tuition fees for those who meet the criteria. They also give 5% discount to all students who pay the tuition fees in full amount. LSBU is offering another scholarships in the form of a 25% fee reduction for each full academic year of study to ONCAMPUS London South Bank students progressing to university degree programmes.

Middlesex University London

Middlesex University London encouraging the international student with a scholarships for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. International students may be eligible for up to £2,000 towards course fees for the first year of study. There are other types of scholarships available for the students such as sports Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, Fulbright scholarships, Gilman international scholarships and so on the amount of scholarships will be accounted up to £5000.

University of East London

An international scholarships at UEL covers part of the cost of course fees. The amount awarded is assessed on a case by case basis and range between £1,000 to £4,000 off your first year’s tuition. UEL also offering massive tuition fees off for international MBA students. They have got some other scholarships available such as Chevening Scholarships, The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission.

Nottingham Trent University

All international students holding offers to study a full-time undergraduate and postgraduate course in September 2020. The amount will be £2000 per year. They are also offering Full-fee Scholarships for an international undergraduate student depends on the eligibility. For Postgraduate students, there are different scholarships options available in this university which will be up to a value of half your tuition fee.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich automatically awards scholarships of £1,000 to students entering as new students from certain eligible countries studying full-time programmes that last for at least one academic year. International students who hold an offer to study at the University of Greenwich could receive a tuition fee discount worth up to £3,000 in the first year.

University of Hertfordshire

The university is looking for enterprising and aspirational students looking to excel in an international university and if this sounds like you, then they offer a number of non-repayable scholarships to international students which include Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships, UH Graduate Scholarships, Regional Scholarships and the amount could be worth up to £4000.

University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth offers a range of regional scholarships for international students. Some of their scholarships options include Santander Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, and Commonwealth Scholarships and so on. Scholarships may take up to the form of £5,000 fee reduction which will apply to your first year of study.

University of

They support students with the finances in every possible way, and they offer generous grants, including cash bursaries, reduced tuition fees. All international students studying on-campus undergraduate and postgraduate courses are eligible for up to £1500 tuition fee reduction.

University of West of Scotland

UWS is delighted to offer 120 “limited edition” Anniversary Scholarships (£1,500) aimed at students who have achieved academic excellence, such as 65% or higher in the High School/College exams for Undergraduate applicants or 69% or higher in the undergraduate degree/diploma or equivalent for Postgraduate applicants. There is a progression scholarships available for international students who will be progressed to second year of study with 85% of attendance and 69% overall score or higher in their first year of study.


 Non-EU students are eligible for £1,000 scholarships.Students from Partner universities will get the Dean’s Scholarships (For only Engineering and Computing programmes) of £1,000.Also students will get the Dean’s Scholarships of £5,00 when apply the courses within School of Business & Creative Industries and School of Health and Life Sciences .

University of Kent

The University has a long tradition of welcoming international students and is pleased to offer a number of scholarships for entry at undergraduate level. The scholarships are worth £8000 per year of study at the University of Kent, towards the cost of tuition fees and are offered to nationals of any country paying overseas fees. This scholarships will be only available for those who is beginning a new program in this university and at undergraduate level.

Do you wish to apply
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