We will help you apply to various universities in your preferred country of study. We will ensure that we secure an offer from at least one of the universities. Where you get more than one offer, we will guide you on which one to accept.

How does our University Application Process work?

If you want to secure admission in your dream school, you have come to the right place. We offer excellent admission services, to people looking for better education opportunities in foreign countries. We deal with our clients with integrity, transparency, fairness, understanding and professionalism.

Find a course in a suitable University

Our experienced counsellors will talk to you on the application process and discuss your career goals. Where you are confused about your career path, we will discuss the current labour market and career prospects so that you can make an informed decision.

Prepare your Application

We will request that you send the necessary documents including your personal statement, CV, and reference letters, which we will submit together with a completed application form to the universities.

Receive offers from the University

It is our duty to ensure that you receive an offer from at least one of the universities.

Next Steps After you have received Offer letters

After you have received your offer, we will guide you on the next actions to take which includes:

  • Step 1:

    Provide documents to meet conditions of offer

  • Step 2:

    Pay deposit and complete International Student Reply Form

  • Step 3:

    Pre CAS and Maintenance checks

  • Step 4:

    Receipt of CAS from the University

Secure Tier-4 student visa in the UK

We will guide you all the way with UK university application and to obtain the Tier 4 Student Visa to study in the UK and will assist you to gather all the documents to get the visa.

Continuous Support

We offer endless support for a new student in UK. Our student services include Airport Pick Up, Accommodation arrangement, applying for Student Travel Card, opening UK Bank Account and many more. If you require more information about UK university application, arrange a free consultation with one of our student adviser today through our UK University Application.

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We can help you choose from thousands of UK courses and hundreds of universities and colleges locate​​​​d all over the UK with our free UK University Application Process.